Cudo Miner update 20/08/2018

Posted by Andrew Sturmey on August 21, 2018

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We wanted to let you know what we have produced during the latest month of evolving our software, so here are some highlights.

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The Rise (and rise) of Monetising Idle Compute - Is It Worth My While?

Posted by Pete Hill on August 7, 2018

The sharing economy is booming, just look at Uber or Airbnb. But can your computer work and earn for you in the same way? 

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How Can Mining Cryptocurrency Help Your Business Meet CSR Targets?

Posted by Duncan Cook on July 30, 2018


Corporate Social Responsibility is a key concern for many businesses.

Aiming to support causes close to their industry, Cudo Miner offers a unique way to give more, while spending less.

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How Can I Use My Cryptocurrency?

Posted by David Pedrini on July 27, 2018


Cryptocurrency may not be accepted in every High Street store, but its prominence is growing fast. Moreover, there’s multiple ways to enjoy its value.

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How to Make Cryptocurrency Mining Work For Your Business

Posted by Matt Hawkins on July 26, 2018


Cudo Miner is the first B2B cryptocurrency mining software of its kind.

In 2016, 83.7% of all businesses in the UK had internet access, with no sign of the number decreasing.

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Go Green With Cryptocurrency Mining For Businesses

Posted by Matt Hawkins on July 25, 2018


Cudo Miner allows your business to uncap a new income stream, by generating cryptocurrency from idle computer power.

But how much power? And how can you protect the environment while you use it?

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Is It Safe To Mine Cryptocurrency From My Computer?

Posted by David Pedrini on July 24, 2018


Whether you’re a business or a home user, the idea of lending your computer’s power to a third party can seem intimidating. Does mining cryptocurrency pose a risk to network security?

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Cryptocurrency Myth Busters

Posted by David Pedrini on July 23, 2018


Cryptocurrency isn’t exactly shrouded in mystery; it’s in the media every day. However, coverage is often sensationalist and deviates from the facts.

Money is the foundation of our modern world. With cryptocurrency changing the landscape of how we trade, it’s got a lot of people worried – as with anything that rocks our pillars of tradition.

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Is It Ethical To Mine Cryptocurrency?

Posted by Matt Hawkins on July 21, 2018


Using your computer to mine cryptocurrency can, at first glance, feel a bit risky, even though the rewards look great. Is it too good to be true?

Using your existing hardware to create digital money is easy, low-commitment and low-cost; especially when you use Cudo Miner.

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What Is Blockchain and What Does It Have To Do With Money?

Posted by David Pedrini on July 20, 2018


Cryptocurrency simply wouldn’t exist without the blockchain. Its unique peer-to-peer verification framework is the backbone of digital money – and it’s influencing a wealth of other industries too.

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