We're Raising $1Billion in Cryptocurrency for Charity. This is Why.

Posted by Matt Hawkins on June 13, 2018

$1billion for good causes

We made a pretty bold claim on our website that we wanted to raise $1billion for charitable causes.

We’ve been asked by a few people, ‘why $1billion?’

Our response is simple: ‘why not?’

The bottom line is that charities are critical to the survival of vulnerable groups both in our society and overseas.

We also have a funding crisis insofar as we have more people in need than ever, therefore charities need more money. At the same time, supporters have less disposable income to donate or they’re feeling compelled to dilute their donation so they can support multiple charities.

This current arrangement isn’t sustainable.

It has also forced some charities to adopt overly aggressive fundraising methods, tarnishing reputations and the sector as a whole.

The reality is that we naturally want to help. We naturally want to give to help others.

When the bombs went off at finish line of the Boston Marathon in April 2013, amongst the people fleeing the danger there were also those running towards it.

Not first responders, but average people. Who had no idea what they were running into or if more bombs would go off. But they heard the calls for help and they responded.

We naturally want to help.

Cryptocurrency Fundraising in the Real World

Of course that’s an extreme example to highlight an innate behavioural trait.

The other thing we are is survivors.

As much as TV commercials and the promo footage used in Comic Relief move us, we often stop short of putting our hands in our pockets or volunteering our time. Because as much as we are programmed to help, we are also programmed to look after ourselves and our family first.

What good is making a charitable donation if you then can’t afford to fuel the car or pay for the weekly shop?

What good is a monthly donation if that five pounds a month made things that little bit harder than it needed to be?

For some people that donation is just one outgoing too many. For others they’d rather do something more.

Charities, of course, fully understand this, which is why they have to work as hard as they do for every penny given, but all the while their costs to operate go up because the fundraising gets harder.

We believe, rather than allowing this death spiral of increasingly aggressive fundraising tactics and a decreasingly interested public, that there is another way.

A new way to raise funds that doesn’t pressure, cajole or coerce. It’s just a little bit of electricity, a little bit of spare processing power – and a whole new revenue stream.

Cryptocurrency is changing how charities fundraise, for good.

So, Why $1Billion in Cryptocurrency for Charity? 

It’s a big number, but we think it’s entirely achievable because what we propose isn’t to cannibalise existing funds but to generate an entirely new revenue stream for charities around the world, no matter the size or the cause.

But the thing that really makes it special is we’re not just advocating for charities to accept cryptocurrency as a means of donation – although they should do that too.

What we’re talking about is pooling the processing power of a charity's supporters (and possibly the charities as well) with ours and putting it to use mining cryptocurrency for that charity.

The more charities that are involved, the more processing power we can use and therefore the more crypto we can mine and distribute.

Imagine if just one supporter for all 620 cancer charities in the UK started mining cryptocurrency. That’s an extra £223,200 of new money invested in research or treatment each year. Now imagine if all cancer charity supporters started mining crypto.

$1billion for good causes is within our grasp; all we need to do is work together and start mining.

What’s Next For Cudo Donate and Cryptocurrency in Fundraising?

For us it’s about getting the word out. We want as many charities to sign up as possible. There is literally no limit to how many organisations and supporters we work with.

Because of how we’ve designed our Cudo Donate mining app, the more processing muscle the better.

For each extra desktop or laptop mining that’s potentially £320 a year to your charity. Imagine the potential if everyone pulled together.

If your organisation – or a charity you support – would benefit from our vision of a world where charities are self-sustaining through cryptocurrency mining then we want to hear from you.


Contact us today to speak to one of our crypto experts and we’ll help you take that first step towards transforming your fundraising forever.


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