War Child Canada goes Crypto to raise additional funds

Posted by Nuno Pereira on October 23, 2018


- Partnership with Cudo paves way for new donation revenue stream -


October 10th, 2018, Cudo today announced that its Cudo Donate revenue generator for charities is now live with War Child Canada.

The idea is simple. With one click, donors use their computers’ power to mine cryptocurrencies with any income generated going towards War Child Canada’s fundraising efforts. Cudo Donate is 100% secure, simple to set-up and carbon neutral.

Using your computer to solve complex mathematical problems as part of a bigger network is called mining. As a reward for lending the processing power and electricity, miners are paid in cryptocurrency. Cudo Donate takes care of all of the technical aspects in the background whilst automating the whole process. A charity merely has to add a browser application to their home page and wait for the donations to come in. An even more powerful desktop application is also available for Mac and Windows desktops, allowing donors to generate even more revenue for the charity.

Matt Hawkins, founder of Cudo, explains: “I’ve been involved in the IT industry for a long time and was introduced to cryptocurrency mining a few years ago. It can be quite complex technically to set up. It struck me that if we could use our knowledge to take care of all the technical barriers, we could potentially harness everyone’s computers to raise much-needed funds for charities. I’m pleased to say that we managed it and War Child Canada is one of a number of charities that are tapping in to this new and innovative way of fundraising,”

Matt and his team at Cudo have considered everything. Cudo Donate is 100% carbon neutral; all electricity usage is offset. Cudo Donate is not linked to one digital currency; rather, it automatically assigns itself to the one that is best performing. It is a one-click process for donors, no need to sign up or add your details. Critically, there are no monthly direct debits or physical payments  - it couldn’t be any easier to get up and running. Cudo Donate is also completely safe to use.

Hawkins, added: “We’re on a mission, we want to raise a Billion dollars for charities. We think it’s possible. We think that harnessing the power of millions of unused computers to mine crypto-currencies could really achieve our goal.

Brock Warner, Director Community Giving & Innovation at War Child Canada, said: “We are constantly looking to innovate, recruit new donors and, ultimately, to attract more funds. Cudo Donate is so simple, so obvious, that it was a slam-dunk for us. We can now connect in a different way with both existing and a new demographic of donors. The potential as a new revenue stream has us very excited. We’ll be watching closely as things progress,”



To experience how easy using Cudo Donate is to raise funds for War Child Canada, go to https://warchild.ca/ and look for the Cudo Donate icon in the bottom right hand corner.

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To find out more about Cudo Donate and War Child Canada, please go here.

About Cudo

Cudo Donate is part of the Cudo Ventures group – established by three experienced business leaders and entrepreneurs. They are widely considered experts in their respective fields. Gathering together a team of highly skilled individuals, we have engineered something we believe can revolutionise the future of charity fundraising; creating new income streams to help even more people in need.

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About War Child Canada

War Child Canada is an internationally recognized charity that works with war-affected communities to help children reclaim their childhood through access to education, opportunity and justice. By making a long-term investment to create an environment in which childhood can thrive, the cycle of violence can be broken. War Child also takes an active role in raising public awareness around the impact of war on communities and the shared responsibility to act. Visit www.warchild.ca to learn more.

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