Cash Poor but Compassion Rich? Consider These Alternative Ways to be a Charity Donor.

Posted by David Pedrini on June 6, 2018

Beating heart

Making a difference to those in need doesn’t necessarily require deep pockets – a big heart and an open mind can be just as effective.

Whether it’s getting creative with waste disposal or being generous with your surplus goods, there’s plenty of ways to be charitable without handing over your bank details.

So, where can you start?

If you have a bedroom full of old CDs, DVDs, games, clothes or electronics (essentially, a child that grew up and moved on), recycling sites such as Music Magpie will gladly exchange your goods for something gainful.

Rather than accepting the value of the items to line your own pocket, the value of the items can be donated directly to a charity of your choice. Simply log your items on the website to be offered a price, pack them up and send them on, using a freepost label. When you’re offered payment, simply select the option to donate to charity. Its money for old rope, and it’ll certainly tie up loose ends for someone in need.

If you use a printer at home, you’ll no doubt start to accumulate empty ink cartridges. Rather than throwing them straight in the bin, you could do a whole world of good by donating them to your favourite charity. The British Heart Foundation, Poverty Child and The Red Cross are all grateful recipients of old cartridges, sending them on to recycling schemes which will offer up to £4.50 for each unit which is successfully reused. Who knew that using ink could leave such a benevolent mark?

It’s not just household items which can do a good turn for deserving causes. How about steering your old car in their direction? It’s a lot easier than you think and might even put the brakes on a more complicated scrappage or re-selling service. Giveacar will gladly turn your old auto into valuable assets, collecting it for free and then sending on to auction or scrappage. The proceeds will then go straight to charity, with over 1,500 organisations benefitting from the service - a great way to fuel the future of those in need.

After you’ve cleared yourself of life’s clutter, it’s a great time to make use of extra space – perhaps even digitally.

If you’re a keen blogger, or run a business with its own website, you can become an Amazon Associate, providing advertising space to one of the world’s biggest retailers.

How can helping a major commercial player benefit charities? Well, it’s all down to you. If your link is used by a customer who goes on to make a purchase, you can earn around 5% commission, and put it straight in a charity’s piggybank. Shop ’til you drop – it’s for a great cause!

As a skilled donor of invisible capital (which you surely are by now), you will no doubt consider if charities can use the same benefits that apply when money reaches its desired recipient. In fact, many charities are starting to cotton on to the advantages of intangible gifting.

When charities harness the power of cryptocurrency, they don’t need to worry about the middleman.

Banks can’t take charges or fees which eat into charitable donations; similarly, the transparent nature of transactions via the blockchain means we can trust that gifts are going to the right place. Likewise, cryptocurrency isn’t geographically centralised; it can go anywhere, to anyone, without restriction.

Cudo Donate provides an entirely new way to donate cryptocurrency, using purely the unused processing power from your computer. No upfront costs, no inconvenience, just a meaningful revenue stream for your favourite charity.

The unwanted and the unseen: you’ll be surprised at the possible upsurge.


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