Cudo Donate Update 21/08/2018

Posted by Andrew Sturmey on August 21, 2018


We wanted to let you know what we have produced during the latest month of evolving our software, so here are some highlights.

The most exciting new features are around GPU-optimised mining. Although we've been able to mine CryptoNight V1-based cryptocurrencies using GPUs on Windows computers for quite some time, this is often not the best use of a modern GPU.


We wrote new support into the software to be able to mine cryptocurrencies based on the algorithms Ethath, Lyra2RE v2, Equihash, Phi2, and X16R. These are all designed with GPUs in mind, and usually offer a much better financial return for the energy used.


Not stopping there, we also implemented a benchmarking feature, so that when our software is first run, it measures the performance of each supported algorithm on your hardware. Then, each time you start mining, we look at which of the supported coins would give best results in your specific case.


Another new feature we implemented was centralised monitoring of miners. Now, when you log into your dashboard, you get a real-time view of everything you have set up mining into your account.


You can see the names of each of the computers, when they were last connected into Cudo; and, if they're currently mining, then how fast they're doing so, as well as how much revenue they have generated.


Lastly, we've also been doing a lot of work towards the early-access version of our mining software on Linux. While it's still not yet at the same feature level as our Windows version, it's coming along, and we'd really like to hear from you if you're interested in getting in early to try it.


There is a lot upcoming soon around you being able to swap the different cryptocurrencies you've mined on our platform between one another, as well as transferring out to your own wallet addresses, so check back with us often to hear more.


As always, if you have any ideas or suggestions you think we should consider for our product, please talk to us and let us know your thoughts, as we'd love to discuss them.


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