War Child Canada goes Crypto to raise additional funds

Posted by Nuno Pereira on October 23, 2018


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Are these the 5 biggest fundraising challenges charities face today?

Posted by Nuno Pereira on September 26, 2018

Cudo Donate team work

Charities of all sizes continually face a steep uphill mountain climb of a challenge.... Fundraising! 

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Cudo Donate Update 21/08/2018

Posted by Andrew Sturmey on August 21, 2018


We wanted to let you know what we have produced during the latest month of evolving our software, so here are some highlights.

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3 Ways Charities Will Benefit From Cryptocurrencies in 2018

Posted by Duncan Cook on July 18, 2018

Fireworks in the sky

From UNICEF to the RNLI, charities are waking up to the immense power of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

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What Can Charities Learn From UNICEF’s Cryptocurrency Mining Trial

Posted by Duncan Cook on July 16, 2018

A lady holding bitcoins to her eyes

Cryptocurrency and its distributed ledger, blockchain, are experiencing a significant cultural moment.

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5 Innovative Fundraising Trends To Watch In 2018

Posted by Duncan Cook on July 12, 2018

Passion led us here

Charity fundraising is becoming even more innovative, with an increasing emphasis on using digitisation to engage with supporters.

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We're Raising $1Billion in Cryptocurrency for Charity. This is Why.

Posted by Matt Hawkins on June 13, 2018

$1billion for good causes

We made a pretty bold claim on our website that we wanted to raise $1billion for charitable causes.

We’ve been asked by a few people, ‘why $1billion?’

Our response is simple: ‘why not?’

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How Charities Can Mine and Accept Cryptocurrency

Posted by David Pedrini on June 12, 2018

Half a bitcoin rolling

With over a thousand different cryptocurrencies available, experts predict that it will become a mainstream way of fundraising by 2025 – something that has the banks more than a little nervous, but presents a very exciting opportunity for charities.

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Using Cryptocurrency in Fundraising

Posted by Duncan Cook on June 11, 2018

Bitcoin accepted here

No matter the size of your charity or the cause you champion, fundraising is always a concern. No matter how big an organisation or how robust the supporter base, a charity needs to be able to cover its costs before it can effectively support the people it wants to help.

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Cryptocurrency for Charities – How to Involve Others

Posted by David Pedrini on June 8, 2018

A team fist pumping

So, you’ve taken your first steps into the world of cryptocurrency and you’ve begun mining for your favourite charity.

If you use your computer regularly then you’re already hard at work raising cryptocurrency for your charity and making a real difference to their ability to do good in the world.

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Desktop Mining for Charities - is it Safe?

Posted by Matt Hawkins on June 7, 2018


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Cash Poor but Compassion Rich? Consider These Alternative Ways to be a Charity Donor.

Posted by David Pedrini on June 6, 2018

Beating heart

Making a difference to those in need doesn’t necessarily require deep pockets – a big heart and an open mind can be just as effective.

Whether it’s getting creative with waste disposal or being generous with your surplus goods, there’s plenty of ways to be charitable without handing over your bank details.

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How Charities Can Use Cryptocurrency for Good

Posted by Matt Hawkins on June 6, 2018

Bitcoin graphic

Charities have never been more important to our society – or the global community as a whole. With more people living below the poverty line or fleeing the ravages of war and civil unrest since the Second World War (50 worldwide conflicts recorded in 2015), charitable organisations are integral to the welfare and survival of millions.

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How Can Charities Cash Out Their Cryptocurrency?

Posted by Matt Hawkins on June 5, 2018

Stacked crypto coins

We now know that cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is a substantial fundraising game-changer, amongst many other business benefits.

When cryptocurrency first emerged, few could predict the commodity-like properties it would adopt. Early adopters were quick to mine and quick to sell, treating it like a gimmick to make a quick buck rather than the asset that it would become.

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Blockchain For Charities Explained

Posted by David Pedrini on June 4, 2018


Cryptocurrency is powered by blockchain technology, which is a series of authenticated ‘blocks’ of data that possess the entire history of that specific crypto coin. This includes every transfer of ownership and transaction right from the point it was originally mined. This presents a huge opportunity for charities who are looking to reach their next fundraising goal.

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Is Mining Cryptocurrency For Charity Ethical?

Posted by Duncan Cook on June 3, 2018

Server engineer

Mining cryptocurrency for charity may feel like straying into dangerous ground, especially when you are encouraging your supporters to engage. It’s not uncommon for anything that challenges the status quo to attract a certain amount of ire or mistrust.

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Common Concerns Charities Have About Cryptocurrency

Posted by Duncan Cook on June 2, 2018

Stacked bitcoins

There is a lot of anxiety surrounding the emergence of cryptocurrencies. The fact that they seem to bypass the banks and all government regulation can be a worrying headline for those who are new to the technology; delve a little deeper, however, and you will soon find that the facts are far more watertight than the frenzy.

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What is Cryptocurrency and How Can Charities Benefit?

Posted by Duncan Cook on June 1, 2018

A bitcoin circuit board

Charities rely on fundraising to meet their goals and keep helping those in need.

By staying ahead of the curve of financial innovation, charitable causes can engage supporters who exist outside of traditional fundraising methods. Blockchain and cryptocurrency promise to fill this niche.

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